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Welcome to Baseball Mound Supply

Oct 01, 2019 1 comment
Welcome to Baseball Mound Supply

Welcome to Baseball Mound Supply

Welcome to Baseball Mound Supply we are a portable baseball pitching mound distributor on the West Coast and online. Our mission is to bring high-quality, affordable, durable portable baseball pitching mounds to a ballpark near you.

We have seen a growth in sports complexes and ballparks being used for softball all throughout the nation and especially here on the West Coast. We know that fields are now being built to accommodate different sports to play on them. Baseball is the number one sport having portable baseball pitching mounds makes it easy to switch between sports not to mention the low maintenance they need to maintain for years. So many leagues we talk to always let us know freight can be expensive, we are here to fix that and do our best to bring that cost down.

We so many baseball leagues using practice or bullpen mounds for gameplay and it hurts our hearts. These are okay in the cage or pen, but expecting a pitcher at any level to also play baseball off of this mound is thoughtlessly dangerous. It is a shame to see so many leagues use these terrible mounds. It is not only bad for the young kids but it also doesn't teach them the right machines for pitching off a major league mound.

A great portable game mound will replicate the hill of a real mound. This means the top-down view will be some type of oval or circle shape. The smoother that transition into the field of play, the better. The best portable pitching mounds replicate the real slope of a real field.

We are here to serve the baseball community and be the conduit that provides portable baseball pitching mounds to the market at an affordable price. Portable baseball pitching mounds can work very well for sports complexes and ballparks that are used for softball as well. Low maintenance than a dirt mound but still highly effective for pitching. When looking for a high-quality portable pitching mound at a great price and that will last and come with an awesome warranty look no further then Baseball Mound Supply.

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