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Family owned and operated, Baseball Mound Supply is your one-stop shop for all your major league portable baseball pitching mounds. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a novice we are here to make your experience as easy and effortless as possible. We guarantee 100% authenticity of products, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction and if we miss the mark, our customer service team is here to support you! 

At Baseball Mound Supply, we bring you the highest-quality of American made portable baseball pitching mounds for all ages and skill levels. Our mound selection includes everything you need to develop your pitchers. We have high-quality portable baseball pitching mounds, including collegiate, high school, little league approved, and youth mounds. Each product is professionally designed to withstand the outdoor environment and rugged, frequent use.

We are an authorized dealer carrying America's most trusted brands, including True Pitch Mounds, ProMounds, Portolite Mounds, Pitch Pro, AllStar Mounds and many more to come. We ensure the portable baseball pitching mounds you buy from Baseball Mound Supply are the very best, high quality, most innovative on the market.

Since our company’s existence, we’ve been able to develop a great reputation by carrying the best brands and products in professional sporting goods and athletic equipment. Additionally, we have an amazing internal team that’s extremely excited about not only growing our business but serving the world within the professional sporting goods and athletic equipment industry at the highest capacity humanly possible.

Furthermore, our goal is to provide you with a world-class experience as you browse through our online catalog and provide you top of the line customer service at our online shop. Our business is registered and currently located in California with warehouses across The United States. Moreover, we use dedicated and trusted shipping distribution services through UPS, FedEx, First Class Priority Mail, and many others.

Baseball Mound Supply can service a variety of play spaces through our connections working with our suppliers - in pro arenas and universities, schoolyards, parks, high school, both in big cities and small towns and in the driveways and home courts of people who recognize the value of reliability and product quality.

If you need any assistance with the details about our products or would like to check the stock levels of our inventory, feel free to use the “Contact Us” page or give us a call. We look forward to helping you.

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14 reviews
Mound repair

Received everything but got the wrong color turf. Got a rust colored turf but wanted green. Talked to Mario. He was sending me the green turf and I returned the rust turf. Still haven’t received the green turf. That was 2 weeks ago.

Great service - everything came as ordered

Mario went above and beyond to help me get the parts I needed for my batting cage. I had a few questions about my order and I emailed Mario. I received a response within 5 minutes and it was a Saturday night! Great service.

Amazing Bag

This bag is the bag of all bags. You can fit so much gear in it and still have extra room. My son has all his catchers gear and all that it entails, 3 gloves, batting helmet, cleats, turf shoes, warm up equipment, 3 bats, baseballs,cooling fan, plus water and still has plenty of room left for more. The wheels are big enough so the bottom does notget dragged along the ground to scrap it up. There is nothing negative about this bag. Very worth the money I paid for it and my 15 yr old loves it.

Flex a clay

Great company and prices. Fast delivery, great people to do business with. Flex a clay is great product for mound / batters box

Great quality fast shipping!

This is my first time building a mound, and I am building a practice mound for my son on our property so I don’t need it to be super to specs. But it was easy to work with and hardened nicely and we are practicing pitching every day. Good stuff. Thanks!