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Batting Tees & Hitting Tees

$475.00 $400.00

JUGS T Hitting Station for Baseball A0086

$465.00 $390.00

JUGS T Hitting Station for Softball A0096

$219.99 $160.00

JUGS Combo T Package Hitting Tee A0417

$155.00 $115.00

JUGS T Hitting Tee A0415

$135.00 $105.00

JUGS Short T Hitting Tee A0416

$199.00 $110.00

JUGS 5 Point Batting Tee A0410

$230.00 $219.00

JUGS Pro Style 5-Point T Hitting Tee A0420

$115.00 $89.99

Bownet ProMag Tee Lite BN-PROMAG LITE

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12 reviews
Amazing Bag

This bag is the bag of all bags. You can fit so much gear in it and still have extra room. My son has all his catchers gear and all that it entails, 3 gloves, batting helmet, cleats, turf shoes, warm up equipment, 3 bats, baseballs,cooling fan, plus water and still has plenty of room left for more. The wheels are big enough so the bottom does notget dragged along the ground to scrap it up. There is nothing negative about this bag. Very worth the money I paid for it and my 15 yr old loves it.

Flex a clay

Great company and prices. Fast delivery, great people to do business with. Flex a clay is great product for mound / batters box

Great quality fast shipping!

This is my first time building a mound, and I am building a practice mound for my son on our property so I don’t need it to be super to specs. But it was easy to work with and hardened nicely and we are practicing pitching every day. Good stuff. Thanks!

Bellepoint Beast Baseball

We ordered two of these mounds and the players have enjoyed them for practice and games. They were shipped early and easy to move around the field. Great product!!!

Amazing product

Great product, my daughter is 14, the adult fits her well. She confirmed the visor blocks the sun for sure! Mario was amazing at answering my questions, great company overall :-)