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Minnesota can be a tough place to play ball in the winter, spring and fall. In 1988, Mike Hoppe, a hard-throwing southpaw for the Hamel Hawks, was in search of a portable mound for his off-season training and conditioning. Dissatisfied with the hard-shell, extremely heavy products available at the time, and tired of refinishing the gym floor it scratched, gouged, and generally trashed, he decided to find a better way.

Portolite Products introduced its first product at an indoor, professional baseball training facility in 1989. Three years of rigorous testing in various indoor and outdoor environments, at all age levels, led to the engineering and materials needed to provide you, the customer, the very best, environmentally friendly, portable pitching mound products available, anywhere.

Portolite products are built with pride in materials and craftsmanship, and our customers are treated as if our business depended on them. Which, of course, it does.

We'd like to add you to our growing list of satisfied Portolite customers.

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Portolite 9.5' x 5' Pitching Mound Cart 58112CART

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14 reviews
Mound repair

Received everything but got the wrong color turf. Got a rust colored turf but wanted green. Talked to Mario. He was sending me the green turf and I returned the rust turf. Still haven’t received the green turf. That was 2 weeks ago.

Great service - everything came as ordered

Mario went above and beyond to help me get the parts I needed for my batting cage. I had a few questions about my order and I emailed Mario. I received a response within 5 minutes and it was a Saturday night! Great service.

Amazing Bag

This bag is the bag of all bags. You can fit so much gear in it and still have extra room. My son has all his catchers gear and all that it entails, 3 gloves, batting helmet, cleats, turf shoes, warm up equipment, 3 bats, baseballs,cooling fan, plus water and still has plenty of room left for more. The wheels are big enough so the bottom does notget dragged along the ground to scrap it up. There is nothing negative about this bag. Very worth the money I paid for it and my 15 yr old loves it.

Flex a clay

Great company and prices. Fast delivery, great people to do business with. Flex a clay is great product for mound / batters box

Great quality fast shipping!

This is my first time building a mound, and I am building a practice mound for my son on our property so I don’t need it to be super to specs. But it was easy to work with and hardened nicely and we are practicing pitching every day. Good stuff. Thanks!